I Love My Amazon Kindle

nook‘s easy-to-read E Ink® display is more like a traditional book than a computer screen. With no glare or backlight, and adjustable text size, you can read comfortably for hours.

Sample eBooks for free just about anywhere you are, on us. Browse eBooks, magazines and newspapers on AT&T’s 3G Wireless Network or on Wi-Fi. And every Barnes & Noble has free Wi-Fi, so you can connect at lightning-fast speeds.

With 2GB of memory, nook stores up to 1,500 books, newspapers and magazines. Need even more space? Just add a memory card. An entire library light enough to take with you everywhere, so you’ll never be without your favorites.

Try before you buy. Download a free sample of any eBook we sell to discover new authors and check out today’s most talked about books for free. Find something you like? With many bestsellers and new releases only $9.99, it’s easy to buy and download the titles you want in seconds.

Use Reading Now, your virtual bookmark, to bring you back to the last book you’ve read, right where you left off. Coming in early 2010, if you forget your nook at home and are stuck on a bus, keep on reading with your iPhone™ or BlackBerry®, using Barnes & Noble’s free eReader software.

Share favorite eBooks with your friends or family. Most eBooks can be lent for up to 14 days at a time. Just choose the eBook you want to share and send it to your friend’s nook – or to any PC or Mac OS® or any iPhone™ or iPod touch® with the free Barnes & Noble eReader software downloaded on it. *BlackBerry® & other smartphones will be coming in early 2010.

Control your nook with an easy-to-use full-color touchscreen, created to work seamlessly with the crisp, clean E Ink® display. Just use your finger to swipe through titles and tap open your next read. Or use nook’s large, comfortable, virtual keyboard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Visit the store, turn on your nook, and see what pops up on your screen. It’s as simple as that. You will get exclusive content, special discounts and more. And soon, you will be able to read entire eBooks for free at your local Barnes & Noble.

Some highlights of from the video.

Global Coverage
Uses GSM technology—the most popular mobile wireless standard—with wireless coverage in over 100 countries.

Travel the Globe with Kindle
Travel the globe and still get books in under 60 seconds. Download books wirelessly in over 100 countries around the world, such as Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Norway, Spain, South Africa, the United Kingdom (UK), and many others. Stay in touch with news from home by having your newspaper and magazine subscriptions delivered wirelessly while you travel.

Holds Over 1,500 Books
The ultimate travel companion, Kindle weighs 10.2 ounces and holds up to 1,500 books. No longer pick and choose which books fit in your carry-on. You can always have your entire Kindle library with you.

Paper-Like Screen
Utilizing the latest in electronic-ink display technology, Kindle provides a crisp black-and-white 6″ screen with the same appearance and readability of printed paper. Sharp and natural with no glare or backlight, reading on Kindle is nothing like reading from a computer screen. Those who see it for the first time always do a double-take. The screen works using ink, just like books and newspapers, but displays the ink particles electronically. And unlike a laptop or smart phone, Kindle never gets warm so you can comfortably read as long as you like.

Read in Sunlight with No Glare
Kindle’s screen reflects light like ordinary paper and uses no backlighting, eliminating the glare associated with other electronic displays. As a result, Kindle can be read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room.

Sharp Display of Images and Photos
Kindle’s high-resolution screen boasts 16 shades of gray, so images and photos are sharp and clear.

Adjustable Text Size
Because one size doesn’t fit all, you can increase the text size of your favorite book or periodical with the push of a button. If your eyes tire, simply increase the font size and continue reading comfortably. Kindle has six adjustable font sizes to suit your reading preference. Now every book in your library can be large print.

Manual Screen Rotation
Manually rotate the display from portrait to landscape to view maps, graphs, tables and Web pages.

Read-To-Me Feature
With the experimental Text-to-Speech feature, Kindle can read English newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books out loud to you, unless the book’s rights holder made the feature unavailable. You can switch back and forth between reading and listening, and your spot is automatically saved. Pages automatically turn while the content is being read, so you can listen hands-free. You can choose from both male and female voices which can be sped up or slowed down to suit your preference. In the middle of a great book or article but have to jump in the car? Simply turn on Text-to-Speech and listen on the go.

Newspaper Reading
Using Kindle’s 5-way controller, you can quickly flip between articles, making it faster and easier to browse and read the morning paper. Want to remember the newspaper or magazine article you just read? Clip and save entire articles for later reading with a single click. Newspapers are auto-delivered wirelessly to Kindle before they hit news stands.

Bookmarks and Annotations
By using the QWERTY keyboard, you can add annotations to text, just like you might write in the margins of a book. And because it is digital, you can edit, delete, and export your notes. You can highlight and clip key passages and bookmark pages for future use. You’ll never need to bookmark your last place in the book, because Kindle remembers for you and always opens to the last page you read.

Personal Document Service Via Whispernet
Kindle makes it easy to take your personal documents with you, eliminating the need to print. Each Kindle has a unique and customizable e-mail address. You can set your unique email address on your Manage Your Kindle page.

Built-In Dictionary with Instant Lookup
Never get caught without a dictionary. Kindle includes The New Oxford American Dictionary with over 250,000 entries and definitions, so you can seamlessly look up the definitions of English words without interrupting your reading.

Wireless Access to Wikipedia
Kindle also includes free built-in access to the world’s most exhaustive and up-to-date encyclopedia, Wikipedia.org. With Kindle in hand, looking up people, places, events, and more has never been easier. It gives whole new meaning to the phrase walking encyclopedia.

With Kindle, you are able to download and enjoy more than 50,000 audio titles from Audible.com, including bestselling audio books, radio programs, audio newspapers, and magazines. Due to their file size, audiobooks are downloaded to your PC over your existing Internet connection and then transferred to Kindle using the included USB 2.0 cable.

With the Text-to-Speech feature, Kindle can read English newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books out loud to you, unless the book’s rights holder made the feature unavailable.

Basic Web Browser
Kindle’s basic Web browser works well to read simple, text-centric Web sites such as Google and Wikipedia.

For more information, videos and user reviews visit Kindle Home.

Well in the world of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, we have seen Facebook, Orkut, Blogs and evaluated many ways to get socialized, well it’s wasn’t a starting. Then what was it? It was with Books, Sharing Books, annotations, Marks, Scrap Books and lot more thing were already in place but just a media changed now. Then why we can’t expect same thing with reading device, yes we can and we should. In my “Amazon Kindle vs. Barnes and Noble’s Nook vs. Sony Reader” series of post, today I would like to explore more on features for social readers.

In my last two post, I wrote more about “Pros & Cons for Amazon Kindle” and “Amazon Kindle vs. Barnes and Noble’s Nook vs. Sony Reader” a comparison of available e-Readers. This one is just dedicated to features about “How to socialize our reading on these e-Readers and specially Barnes and Noble’s Nook .

So let’s see what options are available for us among these readers,

Sony Reader

In present there is no functionality is available for Sony Reader to get socialize but they have some good plans in place. Recently they have announced a patch-up with Google for digitalized a Book Library as well as NYPL (New York Public Library) to get around 40,000 titles free for Sony Readers.

Sony also gaining more socializing momentum where more and more independent bookstores are joining in support to open EPUB e-book format, such as Powell’s Books of Portland, Ore, etc from American Bookstores Association. Sony Reader has thrown its weight on EPUB, the format which Google makes it books available. Sony has vowed to scrap its proprietary technology and pursuing to convert its book store toward EPUB by this end of the year. This move defiantly makes Sony much more socialize and compatible with multiple devices where Nook and Kindle remain in a proprietary format.

In addition to that, Sony they are building a social networking site for readers at Words Move Me. The site is designed to allow people to share their passion for reading.

Amazon Kindle

Well a winner of last post with great technology and ease is not doing extraordinary in this segment of comparison.

Although not publicly stated but Amazon is probably working on socializing the Kindle device through its software as a service (SaaS) platform Whispersync or another yet to be announced application. This application should allow readers of books, magazines and blogs to mark-up, comment and share that information with the Kindle community or a book club. Similar as Sony “Words Move Me” but yet to come live.

There is nothing apart than this for Kindle, but overall that’s not making big difference to Amazon Kindle because of technical superiority and price compatibility among others.

Barnes and Noble’s Nook

Nook is the winner of the post, offering excellent features for socializing reading with your friends and family undoubtedly.

  • Nook allows to lend ebooks to others for 14 days
  • Nook allows to checkout and read local library ebooks for free
  • Nook allows to browse full ebook content while connected in Barnes & Noble stores
  • Nook allows to synchronize across platforms and readers of bookmarks, annotations, last reading location.
  • Makes it winner among all for having better socialized world.

    More information
    For Amazon Kindle (Click Here)
    For Sony Reader (Click Here)
    For Barnes and Noble’s Nook (Click Here)

    Happy reading.

    Amazon Kindle vs. Barnes and Noble’s Nook vs. Sony Reader

    Most of us before we buy any reading device must have come across this confusion, well, even I! So thought why not write some post on it.

    Let’s start from handyness, Sony Reader, Nook and Kindle they share similar size, weight and dimensions.

    7.7 x 4.9 x 0.50 (Nook), 8 x 5.3 x 0.36 (Amazon Kindle) & 9 x 6 x 2 inches (Sony Reader) in LWH. Seems Kindle is very handy, slim decent in height and width. In this term Amazon Kindle is superior than other competitors.

    All readers offers similar level of experience in screen and reading experience. Well Sony Reader operation are bit simpler than Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook, but that doesn’t mean Amazon Kindle and Nook are impossible or hard to operate. Sony has slight advantage on this front.

    you can read on a single charge for up to 1 week with wireless on. Turn wireless off and read for up to 2 weeks. Battery life will vary based on wireless usage, such as shopping the Kindle Store and downloading content. In low-coverage areas or in EDGE/GPRS-only coverage, wireless usage will consume battery power more quickly. Kindle ships with a U.S. power adapter and a micro-USB cable for charging your Kindle from a computer USB port. The U.S. power adapter supports voltages 100V-240V.

    Kindle also don’t ask for any wireless charges, Amazon pays on behalf of user and which is covered by subscription itself, although subscriptions are cheaper than other. Also I some more values with Amazon for whispernet utilizes Amazon’s optimized technology plus a high-speed data network to enable you to wirelessly search, discover, and download content on the go. Your books and periodicals are delivered via Whispernet in less than 60 seconds. And unlike Wi-Fi, you never have to hunt for a hotspot. Wireless download times can vary based on 3G or EDGE/GPRS coverage, signal strength, and file size.

    Check Kindle’s Coverage Area (I wasn’t able to find for Sony Reader or Nooks).

    For Business users, frequent travelers, Amazon Kindle is a natural choice, in this segment Amazon Kindle come and stand way forward to any of the competitors.

    Read more about Amazon Kindle at (Click here), Coverage is important but I wasn’t able to find any official coverage map for Sony Reader or Nook. You can try to find some more information at below links.

    For Sony Reader (Click Here)
    For Barnes and Noble’s Nook (Click Here)

    Well, going forward to Backup & maintenance, only Amazon Kindle offers automated backup and redownload functions (as of my best knowledge). Books you purchase from the Kindle Store are backed up online in your Kindle book library at Amazon.com. You can wirelessly re-download books available in your library. This allows you to make room for new titles on your Kindle. We even back up your last page read and annotations.

    Read how you can manage content and backup your content here. (Click here)

    In the segment too, Amazon Kindle outperform than any other. Overall other reading devices gives some level of backup and maintenance but Amazon Kindle has much more feature for content management, and for any reading device it’s a key to success.

    Reading experience is almost similar for every one, paper like screen, read in sunlight without glare, sharp display, adjustable text size, screen rotation, bookmarks & annotations and full image zoom like standard features.

    Search feature is much more advance and mature in Amazon Kindle than all other, as well as Text-To-Speech is an outbound feature for Amazon Kindle too. Well to discuss bit-to-bit comparison we need a small Wikipedia but overall in experience Amazon Kindle outstand than all these three.

    Coming to Cost, well as of today Amazon Kindle available for around $259, Sony Reader available for $279 and Nook is available around $259. Well Amazon Kindle is not costly but if we talk about cost for reading against Amazon Kindle specifically than I will say no Amazon Kindle is cheaper! Shocking!! Humm.!!!

    Well why? Check my argument here? Well, I have searched for 20 books available on Amazon Kindle as well as paper copy and compared price, I found savings with Kindle up to 68%, highest was with The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (I have just compared best seller and running books, other books may offer higher savings). On an average I can see you can save $15 – $20 in my comparison. Well, read around 10-12 books a year (may be higher but not less) than I can save around $150 – $200 by just turning to Kindle, these kind of savings are not available to Sony Reader Books or Nooks (unless it’s published by Barnes and Noble’s).

    Other thing I compare is time, Amazon Kindle is much faster and comes with valuable coverage, so I can compare time factor (well time is money for me and information is key to success), in these both terms Amazon Kindle is much faster and much more efficient than other competitive friends. With free access of Wikipedia it makes life simpler and free basic browser offers to read online content too on Amazon Kindle.

    The another thing we can compare is how we can socialize our reading device, paper book can be landed, or shared, but how Kindle Book or Nook Book. Nook has good feature which Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader both are missing, for Nook “Most eBooks can be lent for up to 14 days at a time. Just choose the eBook you want to share and send it to your friend’s nook – or to any PC or Mac OS® or any iPhone™ or iPod touch® with the free Barnes & Noble eReader software downloaded on it. *BlackBerry® & other smartphones will be coming in early 2010”, this is what states official website for Nook. Very interesting feature.

    Coming to content, Sony Reader is poor champ in these comparison, Amazon Kindle and Nook offers more choices at better prices than Sony Reader. Nook stats that thay have 1 million books to read, but well how many are readable?? A big question, but overall they have decent collection. Have a look at Nook’s Official Site. Amazon Kindle has much more quality books at lower price 150,000 books are available for Kindle as well as newspapers and magazines. Have a look at my article for more detail about available newspapers and magazine or alternatively you can check at Amazon Kindle site too.

    Amazon Kindle is a winner among these by big distance, I am not bais but that’s something I feel today.

    – Excellent product having excellent global reach.
    – Good network
    – More content
    – Connectivity
    – Backup and maintenance
    – Overall cost over the period of time.

    Have a look at Amazon’s Kindle Page (Check Kindle at Amazon).
    Also if we are comparing than better to compare Kindle’s two Version Kindle 2 & DX.

    Choose Which Kindle Is Right for You

      Kindle (Global Wireless) Kindle DX (U.S. Wireless)
    Display 6″ diagonal E Ink® 9.7″ diagonal E Ink®
    Size 8″ x 5.3″ x 0.36″ 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″
    Storage 1,500 books 3,500 books
    Books in Under 60 Seconds    
    3G Wireless    
    Wireless Coverage Global U.S.
    Native PDF Support    
    Rotating Display Manual Rotation Auto-Rotation
    Price $259.00 $489.00

    It’s up to you, but I feel DX is excellent product if you are in US otherwise Global is good for frequent traveller and for Kindle on Holidays.

    Amazon Kindle

    Have a great KINDLING

    I am early adopter, not wait for any reviews from market and like to live on cutting edge of technology. The experience I am going to share is all about Kindle from Amazon.

    But when my third e-book reader from Amazon arrived just few weeks ago in December 2009, my personal motivation in checking out the Kindle 2 was to see whether this device was going to really change the way I read books and other print publications, or it had a chance to displace older media, and whether it is value for my money or not.

    So here I can come with my experience story about “Kindle and I” ;-), from my own experiences over the past few weeks, the thoughts of friends who have seen it and used it.

    User Interface / First Look

    The first thing I wanted to do when I first turned on the Kindle 2 was start touching the screen. I guess that’s what happens after you have any touch screen device in your hand. Most of my friends did the same thing, and I had to keep telling everyone, it is not a touch-screen. You have to use a square joystick to operate and get the menu options.

    While it takes time for most of the people to get used to the interface, operations, joystick and navigation, nothing unobvious. My friend’s 10 year old son has figured it out with no instruction (champ of that Sunday).

    The kindle has defiantly good feel to it, decent weight (less than any 100 page book), battery life is really good, compare to Sony Reader (I also own that), Kindle doesn’t need a recharge every day, unless you uses more than 4-5 hours a day. For people like me, who like reading, and read most of the news paper daily as well as novels too, it’s advisable to keep charger with you.


    The best selling value for the Kindle is convenience for the travel, it’s pretty handy and easy to carry anywhere with you. The other important thing matters to me are speedy for downloading books and reading material. Also it allow around average size of 1500 books and reading material to store, so is a significant amount of storage space to bring with you. In one line I can say “you are carrying your book shelf with you”.

    When time comes to upload things on your device, process is bit puff of air. Searching is much better and you can go to store and search content you want. Kindle also offers inbuilt mechanism to wait for downloads when your cell signals are not strong so you don’t get disconnected and these excellent features make it much better than other competitors.


    The excellent innovative feature of Kindle is it’s E-INK screen technology that don’t glare in any light (specially sunlight), this is biggest displease with laptop screens or other LCD screens when we read stuff in day time (specially sunlight), so have a great party on seashore and enjoy your sunlight while reading stuff from Kindle. You can make fonts bigger and smaller whatever the most confirmable settings for you.

    Cost Factor

    The cost factor is one of the biggest fences for mass adoption of e-reader community. It’s a high cost (but offers values too), Kindle can cost you $259.00 (for this Christmas) from Amazon and DX is around $489. While buying books for Kindle is much cheaper than printed version and other reading devices. Have a look at some of the list on Amazon you will have better idea.

    List of books on Amazon

    In longer run the Kindle is good bet over the print version (Paper books are also not good for our Planet, so I really like to avoid it) and other reading devices, e.g. Sony Reader or Nook.

    Is it worth it? – Worthy question before spending bucks!

    Yes, yes and yes, even its worthy for all those people who are not regular reader.

    1. It environment friendly.
    2. Cheaper reading material.
    3. Wireless access and quick access to most of the information sources.
    4. Cutting edge technology.
    5. Time saving.
    6. Free previews, sample chapters.
    7. Free books.
    8. It will appeal always you to read more.
    9. Handy
    10. Convenient for travelling.
    11. Large selection of books (approximate 250,000 titles available on Amazon)

    These are may be not points for technologist but for people like me and you who like a real user experience rather than marketing write-ups. Although technology wise it’s a great creation and there is no doubt about it.

    Newspapers & Magazines

    Kindle offers variety of newspaper subscripts as well as magazines,

    List of newspapers on Kindle

    List of magazines on Kindle

    Kindle Newspapers:

    U.S. (50) , International (2) , Brazil (2) , Canada (8) , China (1) , Czech Republic (1) , France (2) , Germany (2) , India (3) , Ireland (1) , Italy (1) , Japan (1) , Mexico (1) , Russia (1) , Spain (5) , United Kingdom (5).

    Magazines including Time, Newsweek, PC Magazine, Foreign Affairs, Technology Reviews, Business Week, The Atlantic, Forbs, The Nation and list up to 35 magazines. Very simple to subscribe there save some bucks for having e-copy too.

    The Extras

    The Kindle 2 has many extra features and some are really useful and some aren’t (May be useful to many advance users and techno friendly people). The Text-To-Speech is best thing I can evaluate, computerized voice to read book for you, an excellent option for costly audio books. Voice is much better than previous version as well as other competitive products.


    I really like a company of Kindle and an excellent reading experience on the Kindle 2, the great device for family and friends. An excellent choice for business people, technologist, regular travel, frequent readers, college students and list goes on, mostly every person who know reading and may be for those who don’t know (using Text-To-Speech ;-)) . But a great product at end.

    Improvement, we can put as wishlist for future version,

    1. Emotions in text-to-speech function.
    2. Improvement to color and b/w screen option.
    3. Touch screen (but scratch proof glass body)
    4. And it should be cheaper ;-), mean while Amazon will earn a lots so make it cheaper.

    Well, a really delightful experience not to just use Kindle but to write this blog. I really recommend this product to normal users like me.

    Check out more Kindle User Reviews, Latest updates and etc , (click here)

    Kindle Home Page

    Choose Which Kindle Is Right for You

    (Global Wireless)

    Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)

    Kindle DX
    (U.S. Wireless)

    Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device (9.7" Display, U.S. Wireless, Latest Generation)

    6″ diagonal E Ink® 9.7″ diagonal E Ink®
    8″ x 5.3″ x 0.36″ 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″
    1,500 books 3,500 books
    Books in Under 60 Seconds
    3G Wireless
    Wireless Coverage
    Global U.S.
    Native PDF Support
    Rotating Display
    Manual Rotation Auto-Rotation

    Kindle is only available at Amazon.com and shipping is available worldwide, conditions may apply on delivery and shipping, better to review and read about more options from Amazon.com.

    Video by jon4lakers on YouTube.

    For advance users of Kindle 2.

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